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These are the various professional services ServiceMaster of the Shore Area provide to our customers. Our technicians are CleanTrust (fornmerly IICRC) certified, uniformed and insured. We are committed to the highest quality services for your cleaning and disaster restoration needs.

Use the links below to discover more about the services we provide. If you would like to make an appointment or require further information, please visit our Contact page or call us at (732) 292-4550.

Residential Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning | Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning/Sealing | Residential Fire Damage Cleanup

Residential Water Damage Cleanup | Commercial Fire & Water Damage Cleanup

Mold Remediation | Packout/Storage & Contents Cleaning

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  Residential Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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All carpet cleaning services from ServiceMaster Clean include the following:

  1. NO hidden or surprise charges.
  2. Special attention is given to all spots at no charge. Although we can not guarantee spot removal, 90% of the spots we encounter are removed safely with our carpet cleaning methods.
  3. Furniture movement is included. We will move all furniture with the exception of: hutches, china closets, entertainment centers, or oversized beds. As needed furniture is placed on plastic pads or styrofoam blocks to prevent wicking onto the carpet.

Premium Carpet Cleaning

Premium Carpet CleaningCarpet cleaning is performed with the hot water extraction method, commonly referred to as “steam cleaning.”

How does this work?

Hot water and our carpet cleaning solution are injected deep into the carpet. Then our powerful truck-mounted vacuum extracts the heavy soil, carpet cleaning solution and 90% of the moisture. The carpet will usually be completely dry in 4-6 hours.

Premium Plus Carpet Cleaning

This is the Premium Carpet Cleaning followed by the application of 3M Scotchgard Carpet Protector as the final step. What does 3M Scotchgard do?

  • Helps protect against water and oil based stains
  • Helps carpet fibers resist soiling
  • Gives you time to “blot up” spills before they become stains
  • Helps stains release more easily when carpet or upholstery is professionally cleaned
  • Helps keep carpet & upholstery stay clean longer after cleaning

Premium Pet Carpet Cleaning

Premium Pet Carpet CleaningThis carpet cleaning process includes all of the steps of the premium carpet cleaning with the addition of two products specifically designed for the removal of pet odor. The first product is used to loosen organic based soils (pet soils) and neutralize their odor. Then the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. After the carpet cleaning our second product is applied to help prevent any residual odor from reoccurring.

NOTE- This method is not to be used for pet accidents or spots. It is to be used when the carpet has an overall odor from pet dander or oils from the pet’s skin or hair.

If you wish to change or add to any of the carpet cleaning services that we are performing for you, please ask our technician at the time of service and we will be glad to customize your cleaning needs.

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  Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning/Sealing

Dirty Tile & Grout?

ServiceMaster uses state of the art products and equipment that will produce cleaning results on your tile and grout like never before. If you’re tired of looking at dirty tile and grout then give ServiceMaster a call for a free estimate.

The Process


First, we apply a mild alkaline solution to the floor and allow it to soak for approximately 15 minutes. The solution loosens accumulated soil, grease and grime, and prepares the surface for cleaning.

Turbo Pressure Washing

We utilize a pressure washing system designed specifically for tile & grout. Our truck mounted cleaning process pressure washes the floor and extracts accumulated grease and soil from the tile & grout. Our special tool connects to a powerful vacuum which removes the water along with the dirt.

Repeat Process

A second pre-treatment is applied to the surface. This product is designed to return grout lines to their original appearance. After the product has been allowed to soak we again clean the surface using Turbo Pressure Washing.

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  Emergency Residential Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Fire Damage CleanupWe suggest that you do not attempt any “do-it-yourself” cleaning methods without consulting your ServiceMaster Clean Restoration Technician. This could actually make the damage worse. Touching surfaces covered in soot can permanently set the soot. Please consider there are complex chemical reactions and hidden damage that are best restored with specific products, equipment and expert methods. Returning your property back to pre-loss condition and helping families and individuals like you is what we do.

Understanding Fire And Smoke Damage

During a fire, smoke is driven by heat created by flames. No matter where the fire originates, smoke may penetrate throughout a building structure. Smoke also combines with humidity and can form corrosive residues that may cause secondary damage.

Long after the fire is put out, the damage can continue, as remaining free-floating smoke settles on horizontal surfaces and contents.

Fire does burn, but residual smoke my burn as well. This is sometimes call etching, pitting or chemical burning. Quick response and action are critical. The more time that elapses before treatment the greater the damage.

Residential Fire DamageServiceMaster Clean is a highly reputable, licensed, insured and endorsed provider of fire and smoke restoration services. In addition to our years of experience, our uniformed Restoration Technicians have completed advanced training in fire mitigation, restoration systems and corrosion control. We also require continuing education to learn about new techniques and equipment to better serve you in your time need.

It is our goal to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Depending on the source, nature and size of the fire, the cleaning and restoration may require several phases before completion.

While each fire or smoke loss is unique, the information in this recovery guide is general. However, we hope it will help answer your questions and aid you in understanding the processes and procedures for restoring your property.

We understand that as the property owner, you deserve clear and thorough communication, and we will give our full cooperation to both you and your insurance claims representative.

Residential Fire Damage Evaluation

Restore Versus Replace Decisions

We work to restore all property to a pre-loss condition when possible. Some items cannot be restored. Others could cost more to restore than their actual value. We will advise you and your insurance claim representative, and explain the limits of what we, as professional restorers, can do.

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  Emergency Residential Water Damage Cleanup

In a water damage scenario, water typically spreads out and flows through the path of least resistance, especially toward substructures and lower floors. Porous materials, whether wood, sheetrock or other building materials, will soak up the water, which can even travel upward. The resulting effects can include discoloration, swelling, broken adhesive bonds, delamination (flooring separation), warping and overall breakdown of building materials that make up your property. The more time that elapses before treatment, the greater the damage. Even if the water evaporates unassisted, it can cause damage to ceilings, walls and contents.

Residential Water Damage CleanupServiceMaster Clean is a highly reputable, licensed, insured and endorsed water damage service provider. In addition to our years of experience with water damage, our qualified technicians have completed advanced training in water damage mitigation, dehumidification systems, mold remediation and corrosion control. They also seek continuing education to learn about new techniques and equipment to better serve you in your time of need.

The information in this literature is general in nature and may not apply to your specific needs. However, we hope it will help answer your questions and aid you in understanding the process and procedures in restoring your property after a water damage

Understanding The Drying Process

It is our goal to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. The drying and restoration may require up to three phases before completion.

PHASE 1: Emergency Service

Upon arrival to a water damage, a Statement of Authorization will need to be signed before work can begin. A ServiceMaster Clean trained technician will begin by determining if your carpet is salvageable and if the carpet can be dried in place. If so, we will extract as much water as possible. High-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers will be set to dry the carpet and sub-floor quickly. Equipment must be left on for the designated amount of time to ensure proper drying. The carpet may need to be treated to inhibit microbial growth. If the pad cannot be dried in place, we will detach the carpet from the tack strip and remove the wet padding to expedite the drying process. A pad sample will be taken back to our office to be matched and ordered for the reinstallation. If your carpet is deemed unsalvageable, the technician may advise removing both the pad and carpet.

Job Site Inspections

It will be necessary for us to have access to your property during business hours throughout the drying process in order to properly monitor the temperature, humidity and our equipment. Please work with our office on your preferred method for re-entry to your property so we can properly monitor the drying process.

PHASE 2: Reinstallation/Cleaning

When carpet can be successfully restored, we may need to install new pad and reinstall the carpet. Reinstallation includes restretching, reattaching the tack strip, seam repair and threshold repair and /or replacement. After the reinstallation, carpet is cleaned and deodorized. When the carpet and pad can be successfully restored through in-place drying, the carpet will still need to be cleaned and deodorized. During this phase, any upholstery or other damaged furnishings will be cleaned. If equipment is still present, the technician will remove it at this time.

PHASE 3: Structural Repairs

If applicable, after the drying process is complete, structural damage is assessed and the repair phase can begin. At this time, drywall, ceilings and floors will be repaired. If carpet cannot be salvaged, new carpet and pad will be installed. It may be appropriate to complete structural repairs before reinstallation and cleaning.

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  Commercial Fire & Water Damage Cleanup

In the last 10 years, the United States has experienced an average of 27 catastrophes per year that have cost businesses billions of dollars.

Whether you experience flooding, fire or an act of Mother Nature, lost time at your business can become lost customers, revenue, inventory and property. Water and smoke damage items, as well as structural damage, become unsalvageable without swift, effective action. Will you and your employees know who to call to contain the damage, minimize disruptions to you and your clients and get your site back in operation? Make sure your business is prepared with ServiceMaster.

Part of any strong business plan is planning for emergencies and natural disasters. At ServiceMaster we know that lost time for your business is lost revenue and potentially lost customers. Get the peace of mind that comes with ServiceMaster, a program that minimizes business and financial disruptions in the event of property damage or loss.

ServiceMaster provides comprehensive services from emergency procedures planning to mitigation and reconstruction with large-loss capabilities. ServiceMaster also guarantees priority emergency response service. In the event of an emergency or a regional or national disaster, simply call ServiceMaster and your business will receive the response and technical expertise it needs to return to business as usual – quick

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  Mold Remediation

Although there are currently no Federal standards regarding mold remediation, Servicemaster of the Shore Area follows all available "guidelines" when providing reports, estimates, and services for the removal of mold contamination in buildings. There are currently several sets of guidelines available that apply to mold remediation. In addition to those guidelines, we have been trained as a "Certified Mold Remediator" with the Indoor Air Quality Association.

  • We utilize Serum 1000 ( on all mold remediation projects.
  • Containment of affected areas during the remediation process is to limit release of mold into the air.
  • Damp wipe and thoroughly dry non-porous ((hard) surfaces.
  • Removal of damaged materials and seal in bags.
  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) vacuum after materials have been thoroughly dried and contaminated materials removed.
  • Our technicians use personal protection equipment (tyveks, gloves, respirators, etc.)
  • Moisture control is the key to Mold Control!
  • We recommend that testing be conducted after remediation is completed to determine the final levels of mold contamination that may be present at the site.

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  Packout/Storage & Contents Cleaning

  • Our trained staff photographs contents.
  • We use a Mobile Service Manager (Hand-held Computer) to electronically inventory contents.
  • We carefully clean, deodorize and pack contents.
  • Store contents in a mobile storage container or in our secure, temperature controlled warehouse.

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